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How to Tuck – Instructional Video

I’ve gotten tons of questions lately on my original Eliminating Panty Bulge post asking for more information about tucking. It seems there are a lot of fellow crossdressers who wanted a diagram or video to see exactly how it works. So here it is, the official tucking instructional video :) You may have to download this one (right click, save target as) to watch it – unfortunately my YouTube account was shut down for reasons that still aren’t clear to me, so no more streaming video.
I go in to lots of detail about how to find the hole that will allow your testes to reascend up in to your abdominal cavity, so this video is a wee bit graphic. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Anyway, I hope this is helpful and answers everyone’s questions about how to tuck to eliminate panty bulge :)
3min 58sec run time
45MB download
how to tuck video

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36 Responses to “How to Tuck – Instructional Video”

  1. palak Says:

    nice to see the video……its too good.
    but I just wanna ask u one thing that how do u keep your penis so flacid at the time of tucking?
    Mine always gets a little hard and the the foreskin overlaps it….how do you cope with this problem?
    plz do answer..

  2. admin Says:

    Hi palak, glad the video was helpful! Hmm, about remaining flacid . . . I think I cheated a bit and cropped out the parts of the video where I got excited ;) After you get your testicles arranged, just gently hold them in place and relax for a few minutes until you calm down, then wrap your penis back.

  3. mk Says:

    Thanks…finally a “straight forward” tucking video, easy to follow…very grateful.

  4. admin Says:

    Awesome, glad it was helpful MK :)

  5. Susan Says:

    hi, I have long thought of trying tucking and watched your video and then I tried to follow what you did and what happened …. so easy with the right, then left not so easy but with your legs wide apart and slightly reclined so lost two balls during my clit … but what a hard time keeping them there how do I do??? took my clit in between her legs … wow as a cameltoe. But help how do I get the balls to stay safe, pls give me some advice

  6. admin Says:

    Hey Susan. Sounds like you made some good progress. To keep your balls in place, start by closing your legs ;) Ok you’ll probably need a bit more than that . . . most people have to hold them in place until they get a tight pair of panties or pantyhose up. And if that isn’t enough to keep them in you’ll have to try some tape. Try a couple strips of athletic tape or medical tape. Start with a strip on either side of the base of your penis, and run the tape back between your legs directly over the hole that you pushed your balls up in to. End the tape strips on your upper inner thighs, about where your butt starts. Let me know if that helps!

  7. Becki Says:

    Best “tucking” demo I have seen…! Do you ever use a gaff? So far I have only used pantyhose and the bikini bottom to my wife’s swim suit. The bikini bottom worked pretty well.

  8. admin Says:

    Hey Becki. I do have a gaff, but I rarely use it – I just don’t feel that it’s particularly sexy, and I find pantyhose or boyshorts work better for me. Bikini bottoms are another good suggestion (thanks for mentioning it) since the thicker material helps hold everything in place.

  9. Adriana Says:

    Great video on tucking, but I would like to know if you have any advice for someone like me who has a very small clitty, every time I try I still have a bump in the front and tape helps some but im also uncut and that seems to make it more difficult.

  10. Adriana Says:

    Hi thank you for posting this, I am having problems tucking and would like to know if you had any advice. First I have a very samll penis and also am uncut, so when I tuck my penis doent go very far back and when I tape, my forskin make it difficult. Any advice would be great.

  11. admin Says:

    Hey Adriana. I don’t really have any experience with that particular problem, but I do know that it’s possible to tuck your penis back up inside your abdominal cavity. Start by squeezing closed your foreskin and gently work your penis backwards – it should leave you with just a flap of skin and the rest of your penis retracted inside. I’m not sure how comfortable this is long term, or how well it will hold . . . but it might be worth a try. Let me know how it goes!

  12. Chrissy Says:

    Thanks for the video! I have been trying to figure out how to tuck from other websites that have only written instructions, diagrams, or videos that don’t show the ‘real thing’. After viewing your video I was able to immediately able to find the pouch and tuck my testicles. Thanks again!

  13. admin Says:

    yay, that’s great! I’m glad it worked out for you :)

  14. Emma Says:

    This is great! I have been looking through diagrams on other websites but this is truly the only one that works for me! One problem is that i don’t have any tight panties or any tape. Any suggestions?

  15. admin Says:

    Anything tight will work. Panties, pantyhose, a swimsuit, even regular underwear a size too small will work in a pinch. I’ve used duct tape as well, though it’s not pleasant to remove. You could also just look for something spandex – running tights, underarmor, body shapers, etc.

  16. Ellie Says:

    Hello, pardon if this is too late, I don’t mind if you don’t answer or no one sees this. I have trouble. I have this problem to where my penis skin is not as flexible and stretchy as yours, or in most cases, most people. So I can pull my penis back but not as far so I can sit on it or even hold it in place long enough to get a pair of panties on. Help! I have tried your answer to the other question similar to mine but it was too painful and did not work. Help!

  17. admin Says:

    Hey Ellie, unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions for you :( Maybe someone else will be able to help though.

  18. sandy Says:

    Thanks for the video. I am in the military and love the eay my new pussy feels when walking about in uniform at work

  19. Lalla Says:

    Thanks for this! It took a few tries over a couple of hours – but it works…

  20. Lalla Says:

    Interesting discovery I made tonight after a steaming hot bath,
    (How steaming hot? my wife refers to the bathroom as a “sauna” when
    I am finished) I decided to practice tonight, expecting a fight, but
    low and behold it was as if the “garage door” had opened wide! They just slipped
    right in with zero effort. Not always practical, but for those having
    difficulty, it could be a good way to see how it works!

  21. Xing Says:

    I seem to be able to get my left testicle up but only so that it bulges just above the stem of the penis and the right testicle won’t even fit up there, am I doing it correctly and if not are there any diagrams/animations to show exactly where it should be going?

  22. admin Says:

    Hi Xing, sounds like you’re probably doing it right. Not sure why you can get one in but not the other . . . keep practicing! Personally the more I do it, the easier it gets.

  23. Rachel Says:

    WOW Thanks You so easy, did make senses to open legs more Girly and they just popped in.
    Sadly my wand does pops up so I have to wait awhile before pulling down and back.


  24. Rachel Says:

    Sorry should say….

    WOW Thank You. So easy, did make sense to open legs more Girly and they just popped in.
    Sadly my wand does pops up so I have to wait awhile before pulling down and back.


  25. Rachel kent Says:

    I just loved the video thank you so much. Only problem is, my balls receive most off the pain out of this. I, for whatever reason, can’t spread my legs apart once I have the panties on. And I can’t cross my legs so well. What should I do?

  26. Rachel kent Says:

    Sorry,I meant that I can’t sit down with my legs closed because my balls hurt. Not spread*

  27. admin Says:

    Hi Rachel. Crossing your legs while tucked can be difficult. You might have to practice with your body in different positions to figure out how to get your balls out of the way when you first cross your legs. I find that if I sit on the edge of a chair and lean back a bit I can cross my legs. It’s not the most graceful thing, but it gets the job done.

  28. harry Says:

    hi i want this video….if you dontmind can you send it to me on my mail id

  29. admin Says:

    Harry, you should be able to download it directly. Just right click on the image of the video, and “Save Target As”. It’s about 45MB, so it’s too big to email . . . but it should download from the website no problem on most connections.

  30. demonica Says:

    I push my penis inside it self then tape it closed then push my testies inside along with the extra skin then tape everything down tightly this leaves little bulge and a smooth look . I can ware any kind of panties or thongs . The bathroom other then number2 requires a redue on tape but if you can ware low cut sexy clothing it worth it …my favorite is my leather lace up pants and I don’t ware underware . its freedom but a lot of work and cannot drink much but worth it

  31. SarahCD Says:

    Great tip on the wide panties. I don’t know how many thongs I went threw before i gave up and just went with the wide ones. :)

  32. Melanie Says:

    Hi, I’ve been experimenting for years, and I finally found a tape that works perfectly. KT Tape from Walmart, its on sporting goods section. It stretches, holds great, doesn’t stick to your panties, and is soft to the touch….just FYI.

  33. admin Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Melanie. I will have to look for that KT Tape and give it a try!

  34. Frieda Says:

    Best video I’ve seen. I’ve noticed when tucking that the skin on my cock gets pulled and it hurts. I think baby powder or a little oil would help.

  35. Jamie Gerald Says:

    Thank you so very much for doing a video showing how to tuck, I watched so many that just tell you what you should do and they just did not explain it well enough. I was have the worst time trying to do it and after seeing your video I got it right on the first try. Thanks again!

  36. admin Says:

    Jamie – Yay!!! So glad it worked for you :)

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