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Eliminating Panty Bulge

At some point in time, most crossdressers will be faced with this problem – an unsightly bulge in their panties that they just can’t hide. There are many types of outerwear that eliminate the problem without any effort, but what if you want to wear that sexy mini skirt or those really tight jeans? Well don’t worry, there is a tried and true method of tucking that will eliminate all your panty bulge concerns.
If you’ve ever tried tucking just your penis between your legs to hide the bulge, you’ve probably been quickly confronted with the issue of what to do with your testes. They’re much bigger than you realized, aren’t they? And there’s really no comfortable place to move them out of the way. Luckily, for most crossdressers there is an amazingly convenient solution – all you have to do is tuck your testicles back where they were before you were born.
When you were born your testes were hidden safely away inside your abdominal cavity, and at some point they descended into scrotum (which is literally just a pouch of skin that holds the testes – it’s not really attached to them). They descended because sperm cells develop best at a temperature lower than body temperature. But otherwise there is no reason the testes can’t be slipped back up inside the abdomen temporarily. If you do this regularly for long periods of time, the only documented side effect is temporary sterility until your body has a chance to produce a new batch of sperm at a more optimal temperature. Don’t count on this for birth control!
So you’re ready to try tucking for the first time? Ok, relax, lay down, and spread your legs. This will ensure the opening between your scrotum and abdominal cavity is as wide as possible. As you gain practice, you’ll likely be able to do this without any effort though. Now feel around a little to learn where the opening is. If you press your fingers gently at the base of your scrotum (“under” your penis and a little to the side) you will probably be able to feel the opening into your abdominal cavity. You may even be able to press a finger into it a good ways (obviously it’s covered by skin though, so it’s just an internal hole). You should also be able to pinch the skin of your scrotum above your testes and find what will feel like a little tube. This is your vas deferens, and you can follow that tube up to where it enters your abdomen through the same hole.
Ok, now that you know where your testicles will be going, press the fingers of one hand against one of your testes and align it with the hole into your abdomen on the same side. Keep your fingers flat so that you are distributing pressure evenly across your entire testis and press it gently through the hole. It will likely deform a little in the process, but pop right back into shape once it’s through. No big deal. Now close that leg towards your body (this will help close off your abdominal hole on that side of your body) and open your other leg to do the other side.
Once you have tucked your testes safely inside your abdomen, you will probably be able to feel the slight bulges of them above your pubis (the lower bone of your pelvis that crosses just above your penis). Now to keep everything in place, pull your penis tightly back between your legs. With a little luck this will work like a lid of sorts, closing off half of each hole into your abdomen – sufficient to keep your testicles inside.
Now to hold your penis in place. I really really don’t recommend using tape. It can hurt quite a bit coming off. Duct tape for example sticks to skin astonishingly well after an hour or so and will be quite painful. Instead, just try a tight article of clothing with some spandex in it. One of my personal favorites is a good pair of pantyhose (again, go for a pair with lots of lycra / spandex). Or find some nice tight panties with a wide crotch like boyshorts, or try a gaff – a wide crotched thong made for crossdressers.
In any event you should be quite comfortable now and have a nice smooth femme panty line. And when it comes time to let the boys back down, just untuck your penis and press gently against your testes where you can feel them bulging above your pubis. They should pop right back out and be good as new :)

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  1. Maia Says:

    A quick and dirty trick is to use some cold object, like a bottle of cold water, brought near the scrotum. This makes the testes retract on their own, without pushing. As for tape, wide (2″) masking tape works pretty well. You can tape the scrotum over your penis, leaving the urethra uncovered to urinate. Masking tape stays on, but comes off without problems when you’re done. The adhesive also doesn’t seem to irritate skin.

  2. admin Says:

    Great addition, thanks! Cold objects do cause the testes to shrink, though not everyone will get them to ascend on their own (you may still have to give them a little push).

    Masking tape should be perfectly safe for your skin as well. It won’t stick to everyone’s skin type, but it’s certainly worth a try. If it doesn’t stick for you, try washing yourself really well with soap and water, then allowing yourself to dry completely (gets rid of skin oil, lotion, etc that keeps the tape from sticking).

  3. christine Says:

    Electrical tape works well

  4. admin Says:

    Hehe, I can’t get electrical tape to stick to itself half the time, let alone my genitals . . . is there a certain brand that you use?

  5. jeanhervey Says:

    A very helpful article made even more helpful by the comments.

  6. admin Says:

    Glad you found my panty bulge article useful :) So . . . what method do you use?

  7. ebill Says:

    I like this site. I am confused but, think I want to be a gurl. I don’t feel gay but I do like the feeling of a guy’s sexuality and need.As long as I can remember, I have liked anal stimulation and want both female and male. Now, my balls want to stay in my abdomen and the more they do, they higher I get. I don’t feel gay but want a man. Is it just lack of hormones? My balls are still up there.and it doesn’t hurt. It feels comfortable and normal. Help?

  8. admin Says:

    Hey Bill, you’re asking a lot of complicated questions. Gay and straight are not black and white – you can still find guys sexually attractive while preferring girls most of the time (or vice versa, or anywhere in between). As for tucking your balls inside, there’s really nothing wrong with it other than it can potentially temporarily reduce your fertility if you do it for extended periods. If it feels good there’s nothing wrong or really strange about it. I don’t know about lack of hormones – without hormones you wouldn’t have much of any sex drive. Honestly I think most peoples’ gender confusion or uncertainty stems from social roles and experiences rather than any biological cause. Hope that helped a little . . .

  9. How to Be a Bikini Babe | Feminization Secrets Blog Says:

    [...] Bikini bottoms leave nothing to the imagination, so you’ll want to master the art of the tuck. This is NOT my area of expertise, but “Katie” gives a good rundown on her blog here. [...]

  10. Mark Says:

    Thank you for explaining that. I’m trying to do this.

  11. admin Says:

    Good luck Mark, let us know how it works out!

  12. jane Says:

    Hi, i have tried this many times but they wont stay innside, what am i doing wrong?

  13. BlondeSusan Says:

    Use “Paper Tape” – You can get this product @ any CVS / Walgreens etc… The tape is strong and very thin – This also helps for pulling your forehead up to make your eyebrows higher. On the forehead a little cover makeup and WhaLa!! Hope you enjoy darlings – XXX Susan

  14. Didi Says:

    I’ve done this many many many times. Poifect instructions for tucking.
    Once tucked, I wear a flesh coloured/nude of g-string that’s a size too small; that keeps me perfectly tucked and then I can wear pretty and sexy panties over those.

  15. admin Says:

    Jane – You have to hold them in with something. I personally find that my penis is wide enough to hold them up when I pull it back and put on a tight pair of panties, but you may need to use tape or something else.

    Susan – Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to look for paper tape!

    Didi – Glad to hear it works for you :) I find that a g-string doesn’t hold everything in place well enough for me, but going a size too small for the panties does help to ensure a nice tight fit.

  16. Mar Says:

    Hi everybody! i,m trying to follow your instructions but i can´t tucking… can you add maybe a draw or like that to show me the way?
    i need a step by step…. help me! thanks!!

  17. Dani Says:

    I’ve been trans for over a year now, but not on hormones yet.
    I can tuck really well, but wonder what to do about the bulge the testes make. Mine seem to be kind of large.
    Any thoughts?

  18. Danni Says:

    Medical tape. It is made to stick to your skin and come off without ripping off your skin. I use the 2″ 3M Durapore for tucking. The trick is to make sure you are nice and smooth where the tape goes.

  19. admin Says:

    Mar – I will work on some illustrations, that’s actually a good idea.

    Dani – I’m actually not sure of any way to make the remaining bulges smaller. For me they create a bit of a cameltoe look in a tight pair of panties, so I actually like the little bulges.

    Danni – Yes, medical tape is a good option, Durapore or Tegaderm are the big ones (I think Tegaderm is actually a bit gentler). You might not find them at the local drug store, but Amazon is a great resource for stuff like that.

  20. Mar Says:

    hi Dani, you wrote that you can tuck very well, can you explain your techique to me? after a while i´ve found those holes but i guess they´re so tight…have any way to enlarge them? i mean, you insert your finger there to make it bigger? how can i do that? thanks…

  21. Mar Says:

    Thank you!!! administrator, i relly want to eliminate that bulge…

  22. admin Says:

    Mar – It’s possible your testes are simply too big to fit anymore . . . unfortunately there isn’t really any way to enlarge the opening into your abdominal cavity – it’s surrounded by pelvic bone, and the only real purpose for the hole is to allow your testes to descend shortly after birth. Trying different leg positions may help to move your muscles out of the way if that’s part of the problem – you might try standing and bending forward at the waist a bit. You can also try shrinking your testes a bit by ejaculating (I know, that kind of takes the fun out of it, right?) or soaking them in ice water for a bit.

    Hope that helps a little!

  23. Mar Says:

    thank you! i´ll try your recipes…

  24. becky M Says:

    OMG!! i was in agony jus reading this!!!! you are braver than i to attempt this….i think i will jus have to live with my bulge

  25. admin Says:

    Becky – It’s a little scary the first time, but it can actually be rather pleasant as long as you’re gentle about it :)

  26. jessy Says:

    does this hurt at all?

  27. admin Says:

    Jessy – No, it doesn’t hurt. There should be a small amount of pressure when they go in or come back out, but no worse than gently pulling or sucking on them if you’ve ever had that experience. If it hurts, then I wouldn’t recommend continuing, but for most people it’s not uncomfortable at all.

  28. Mar Says:

    Hi girls! Please, Admin. tell us about the first time you tuck and how you do it… big kiss and thanks for support us!

  29. Kristi Says:

    I have tried it twice and am not really feeling the openings. I will trying soaking in cold water and try again

  30. Kristi Says:

    I would love to see a illustration or video how this is done. I have a bikini party on July 23 and I am freaking out about having a buldge there

  31. Nikki Says:

    Hi!Great post and info. I have been tucking since i was around 12 y/o trying to make my panties fit and look more fem. I found it very easy for me to do as I was lucky to have been born with only one testi and the other was stuck inside me, my folks made me get an operation at around 11 to try to fix it but it really didnt work well so it pops right up inside my tummy all the time. I then found the best way to tuck my clitty back, which is pretty small, was to give it a little half twist too when i push it back. This also exposes the sensitive glands and nerve endings under the head so it rubs on my satiny panty crotch and also feels really nice when someone rubs me there or i do it. When I was a lot younger and much thinner I could wear the tiniest g-string and my crotch was very feminine looking with a slight pubic bump making a pretty convincing front. It still does even though i am a little thicker than I want to be right now but i am hitting 50, shhhh dont tell. Anyway it does take practice and getting used to at first, but having only one ball to deal with makes it a lot easier and more comfortable. Even still I can wear a pretty small tight bikini bottom or panty and look pretty smooth and fem in the crotch. WHen i was a young teen I used to use a pair of control top pantyhose cutting them into a thong shape and where them under my panties to hold everything nice and tight, I now sometimes use a tight spandex flesh toned thong for longer wear under my panties and usually cut a small slit in crotch towards the back part to let just the head of my “clitty” poke through a little so it rubs on my pretty panties and also holds my clitty back tightly in place, sometimes i even tie my clitty back in the crotch with a thin ribbon, this gives a very teasing effect too feeling very fem and naughty. I can cum totally when tucked back and with lots of teasing the orgasms are pretty mind blowing!

  32. Josie Parry Says:

    Admin. You mentioned tegaderm for ticking, but there seems to be different sizes. What size is suitable?

  33. admin Says:

    Thanks for sharing all that info Nikki!

    Josie – I would look for tape that’s about the width of your penis, maybe a little narrower. I would guess around 1/2 inch (12mm) would be a convenient size for most people.

  34. Jetta Says:

    dang it. I get turned on everytime I try to touch myself to do this. I guess it takes practice…

  35. Amber Says:

    I too would like an illustration or something on this.

    Is there a moment when they just sorta.. pop in there? I keep expecting to feel a sort of.. I’m not sure, like they just sort of sloop in there. I’ve been trying for a bit now, I think I know where this hole is but I’m not sure, When I push my testes into it it just gets flatter and flatter until it escapes back into the scrotum. So I’m not sure if it’s just not going in or I’m not at the right spot. I can get my finger underneath the skin by hooking my finger around this indent and pulling away from the penis.

    Also my testes seem to be more.. peanut like than spheres. Sort of like a sphere and an oval conjoined. Will they not fit?

    It probably doesn’t help that I get squeamish at them being touched so I probably am not pushing as hard as I should, but I worry what could happen. Is there any danger at all if you do this wrong?

    I apologize for all the questions. ><

  36. admin Says:

    Amber – I’m working on an illustration or video, it’s just not easy to show how it works :P

    I think you’ve got the idea right, you put a little pressure against them, and they eventually slip in. There’s a pretty good sized gland on top of the testes which could give yours a peanut shape, just make sure you’ve got everything oriented so the smaller dimension is going through the hole, not the wider dimension.

    The possible risks are a) you could damage your teste by pushing hard, but I’m pretty sure you’d stop yourself before you got that far; b)you could cause a torsion by twisting things around in there too much, but this would require literally tying things in knots so also unlikely; c) you could get your testes stuck, but also highly unlikely if you got it in there in the first place.

  37. Amber Says:

    Thank you! I think I got it to work. They went up past the base of the penis a bit and sort of are making somewhat vertical protrusions in the skin up there.

    I didn’t feel a particular moment when they slipped in, and it was much easier than I thought, so I think that’s what my problem was. I just didn’t realize I was doing it because they also came out very easily.

    I saw a tip somewhere saying pulling the now empty scrotum backwards would prevent them from having anywhere to go and this succeeded for me in keeping them up. My crotch isn’t smooth due to the protrusion of them, but it’s much flatter now, just with two little protrusions and a dip between them.

    Thank you again for this! I hope that I did it right.

  38. Steph Says:

    Hi, Thanks for this blig.
    I’ve been tucking now for about a year, and for me, they slide in very easily. I find a thight panty or boyshorts keep all in place nicely…for me.

    Hugs to all.


  39. nikki Says:

    Welkies Josie, sorry I have been away a bit, been busy working on some new tg fiction for fictionmania. I forgot about something I have used too and seen others. There are some large rectangular bandages too that work really well for covering and holding everything in place flat but if your going to do anything that is going to make things, ehemm, grow, you would probably need to take it off, I have often wished that someone would make a chastity for tucking, I have seen a couple of close attempts but they still dont get it right. Maybe I need to start drawing again and have one made. I have seen some interesting designs for a tucking restraint device on Second Life that could work if they were real. Since I was a kid I used to wish I could magically turn into a girl, but still be able to switch back sometimes. I used to think how cool it would be to have both genitalia but have no external testis and have a small delicate penis above a fully functioning vagina, that way if someone said go fuck your self I could. (giggles) That was before I got older and found out that there are actually some true hermaphrodites. About 15 years ago I saw a video with two herms that were very pretty and wished i could have been one. I guess in some ways I am one sort of be cause of how I was born with one testis and it was stuck inside of me. The one important thing I have found about tucking is practice! Also getting know your body down there, staying shaved helps too. But one has to know how the parts fit together down there and how they behave and how you can control them to hide them if you want.

    Knowing the curve your penis has when it gets erect helps too and using that to help with the tucking process. Like I said in my other post I give mine a half twist when i tuck it back, this allows its natural curve to follow my crotches contours when it gets stiffer helping it to stay back between my thighs even if it gets hard.
    I actually have a few stories on fictionmania that deal with the issue to, look for sissy nikki thong in the author search. I have a new series called Goldie-sissy and the three pervs that is about Visual Kei I am working on now.
    hugs to all

  40. Cheryl Says:

    For tape try 3M Transparent duct tape (2″ wide). The adhesive is not as strong and irritating as the gray kind and comes off fairly easily. It has worked for me for many years. It is difficult to see once it is in place and is flexible so moves with your body much better than masking tape and not very expensive. One roll lasts a very long time.

  41. admin Says:

    Thanks for the tip Cheryl, I didn’t realize the clear stuff was less aggressive than the grey duct tape!

  42. Nikita Says:

    Thanks for the awesome blog and amazing comments. Like some of the others, I have large, peanut shaped testes and use 2″ clear tape to hold the remnants back. Lol I also have to an ice cube or ice water before tucking. I was wondering if anyone else experiences slight discomfort when coughing or using the ladies room while tucked? I was also curious as to how others place the tape to hold everything back? Thanks again for the superb blog and all the wonderful comments by everyone else. Hugs & kisses to all.

  43. Crossdresser Resources » How to Tuck – Instructional Video Says:

    [...] gotten tons of questions lately on my original Eliminating Panty Bulge post asking for more information about tucking. It seems there are a lot of fellow crossdressers [...]

  44. admin Says:

    Hey everyone, I finally added an instructional video for tucking :) You can find it at

  45. James Says:


  46. James Says:’

  47. admin Says:

    lol, no problem James – I had no idea bb’s didn’t work well with WP comment forms, hmm . . .

    Anyway, glad you found the post useful. I do also have a video you might find useful: and I just posted a pic of me all tucked on deviantArt:

  48. riley Says:

    ok so how do u get ur balls back out i am afraid to try this out because i dont want it stuck up there ??? please help soon

  49. admin Says:

    Hey Riley. Just press lightly on your abdomen above where your testes have ascended to and work them down. It’s usually easier to get them back out than it is to get them in in the first place. Spreading your legs will also help – often they will actually just fall back down by themselves that way.

  50. jenny Says:

    hey i have the trouble of tucking and then being active. I am almost always tucked and dont usually have a problem especially when i double up on panties (it tends to get the smaller less problematic bulge of the penis out of the picture) BUT whenever im active no matter how I tuck one, and always just one, testicle pops out, it is very uncomfortable when this happens, as well quite jarring to see. Tapes bother my skin and dont move with me, and gaffs cut into my skin. What are some other options to mend the situation?

  51. admin Says:

    Hey Jenny. The only thing I can think of short of using tape would be trying something like an ace bandage or bondage tape (it’s not sticky, and it doesn’t stretch so keeps things more secure). I’d wrap it diagonally between your legs so it creates a sort of figure-8. One end of the tape coming forward from your crotch and across your upper left thigh while the other end goes back through your crotch up your butt and over your right hip. If you keep wrapping in that pattern it should make a figure-8 that criss-crosses right in line with your testes.

    Try that out and let me know how it works!

  52. Amanda Says:

    I tried my first time ever tucking lastnight. I taped the testicles in and taped the penis back but I used a small medical pad between the tape and penis. I found a womens bikini bottom (quite small for me) and I put it on backwards. I pulled the back up into my crotch. I think it was a little tight but after periodically adjusting it felt really good. I did have a much bigger bulge in front than I anticipated. I went to bed and periodically woke up to feel it. Hopefully I can get this art down so I can wear a real string bikini. I’ll just keep wearing the top, bikini bottom and baggy shorts.

  53. admin Says:

    Hey Amanda, glad to hear your first experience went pretty well :) Good luck, and let us know if you learn any new tricks!

  54. tomas.jones. Says:

    hi iv just started cross dressing. and iv been worried that someone would see my bulge. but after reading this my worries aare gone!! thank you so much everyone. i even went out just yesterday to buy a realy skimpy g string. thanks PS add me on skype\ tomas.jones. xxx

  55. admin Says:

    Great to hear it’s working for you tomas :) Best of luck with the crossdressing, it’s a fun journey!

  56. tomas.jones. Says:

    OMG it works!!!! i went out to the pub with a whole new out fit on. no panties!!! i had on really tight hipster jeans with my bra on and just a simple top. and no one saw my bulge!!! but im not sure if this is just me but because my package was all taped back i got really wet. i had to change the tape after few hours!!! but im so happy it works for me!!!!

  57. admin Says:

    Congrats Tomas! BTW, I’m not sure I have a solution for wet tape . . . that’s probably always going to be a bit of an issue. Different types of tape will resist moisture better than others though. Clothing tape and double-sided tape usually work better than duct tape for example.

  58. tomas.jones. Says:

    ye im still trying new tapes but since i found this out im lving my life!!!!! it feels like iv been crossdressing for years not weeks!!!! i really do love it. but i cant seem t find anyone who finds it a turn on. i want a guy who CD!!!!! it will happen soon hopefully!!! x

  59. Robin Says:

    I´ve never tried this, but it works beautifully with skin tight, rubber, full-back panties. No need for tape as the panties hold everything snug and tight. I´ve been strutting around the house in womens skinny jeans and high heels doing some choirs (such a good girl) and I feel incredibly feminine and sexy. The rubber feels very horny, as always, and my crotch is deliciously bump free. Thanks a million xx

  60. Michelle Says:

    I have been dressing for a while now, and came up with an idea one day. While not dressed, I had a surprise, my penis kind of rolled up inside of itself! I am circumcised, but the skin overlapped my head and kinda sucked it in. So, I tried using this while dressed up and it was actually nice. I tuck my testes and pull the scrotum back between my cheeks, then push my penis inside itself(this may not work for everyone, I’m not sure). I then wear a pair of boy-shorts or booty-shorts(they are wider through the crotch and more comfortable) with a thong over top to keep things in place. It is fun to rub my crotch and kinda feels like I have a clitoris to play with. :)

  61. admin Says:

    thanks for sharing michelle. I’ve used that technique before, though I don’t find it quite as comfortable personally. I also find it more difficult to keep everything in place. but to each their own, if it works for you that”s great :)

  62. elli Says:

    Hey ladies! Have you ever heard of athletic or sports tape? It’s made to stay on the skin for when athletes hurt themselves, but I’ve heard it has a really strong adhesive, ouch. Nevertheless, I was considering using it since it seems like it would last all day (or longer!), but with a barrier of something like gauze underneath to protect my more sensitive parts. What do you think?

  63. admin Says:

    Hey Elli, athletic tape is what I recommend for creating cleavage in one of my other tutorials ( ). It’s cheap and easy to get, and it doesn’t hurt when it comes off. It does leave a little bit of sticky residue on your skin which might not be comfortable if you have sex immediately after using it, but otherwise it shouldn’t be painful at all. The adhesive itself isn’t actually that strong, it’s more gooey. That’s why the tape doesn’t hurt coming off (and why it leaves a sticky residue) – instead of straining your skin, the adhesive itself pulls apart, leaving some on your skin and some on the tape backing. Speaking of the tape backing, it is basically gauze, so very soft and comfortable.

  64. stacey Says:

    i can find the holes and havent been able to get them tucked. what should i do

  65. admin Says:

    Hi Stacey. You’re going to have to be a little more specific about your problem . . . have you read the other comments on this post? One of those responses might be able to help you.

  66. Andrea Says:

    Tucking was very difficult at first for me, due to my larger-than-normal left testicle, BUT, it REALLY IS not very hard. The key is getting panties wide enough to hold your empty scrotum and penis in place. I absolutely hate using tape of any sort and abandoned the idea early on. My method: Step 1, lift penis and (full) scrotum up. step 2, let just the testes drop, keeping the scrotum skin up and away. Step 3, there’s no place for the testes to go, so *gently* press them IN and UP. They really do know where to go! Step 4, with a free hand, hold your penis and empty scrotum from behind and pull back. Step 5, wear some tight panties, but don’t worry about the scrotum too much (if you have a lot) — it’s more important to be comfortable than stretch the crap out of it. Most of my tucking “staying” is actually psychological — getting nervous about it usually is worse than just letting yourself be.

  67. jeanhervey Says:

    To Admin,
    Please excuse me for not responding to your question for such a long time, it got overlooked.
    In answer to your question , I have used many methods but I now use a gaff to hold my testes in and my penis down and back between my legs,. I do this every day I find that the gaffs from the Breastform Store, or the ones from the Beauty Boutique in New Jersey are the best in that they combine effectiveness with comfort. They last a long time and when they start to lose their supporting powers, I wear two as do some of my friends.
    I have in the past used a specially made leather gaff which was called a jock-strap by Danny la Rue, I also have used tape but I developed a reaction to the adhesive. This was a pity because I used to use JoAnn Roberts’ instant sex change arrangement and push my penis into my abdomen as well as the testes. After things ‘settled down’ the bulge was not large (nor am I),and I found it comfortable and wearable for several hours.

  68. Jana Says:

    I use a male external catheter to protect my penis from the tape and it also allow for urination with out removing any tape just sit down like the girl you are
    Put on the catheter pull the scrotum together from each side over the penis like a hot dog in a bun add a piece of medical tape clear or flesh colored move the testicles up into the abdomen add more tape to adjust how you want your new vagina to look you can go underneath also as long as you don’t block the tube used to urinate

  69. admin Says:

    That’s a new idea Jana, I’ve never thought of that before. I’ll have to give it a try, thanks for sharing!

  70. dave Says:

    This is a problem I’ve had for years now. I’d look for a hole, exploring the area, following the vans deferens, as you suggested…but the area seems completely flat, no matter how my body is positioned.
    I’ve just conceded to using my fingers to quickly slide them upward…which leaves two horizontal bulges just above the penile base…however each bulge is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the teste, and it looks and feels like it’s just below the skin–not inside my abdomen. I figured for years i was doing it the wrong way, but then I saw the video and it appeared that you do it the same way, so i was a little relieved…but then I saw your DeviantArt page and your results were were much, much smoother…so I dunno, I’m at a loss at what to try next (besides an orchidectomy, lol).

    The other issue I’m having is the empty scrotal skin. You seemed to quickly and neatly tuck it under, but whenever I try and manipulate it, it just pops back out like it was made out of memory foam! Again, for years I conceded to a workaround of just pulling the empty skin back before pulling the penis back…and that sort of works—except for the really frustrating appearance of scrotal skin falling out the sides of my panties. Not only does it look distasteful, but it chafes a lot too if you go several hours without ‘resetting’ yourself.

    The third, and last issue I have is keeping everything in place. At first I tried a gaff, but that didn’t work well, and having that wedgie feeling all day made me extremely uncomfortable.
    I tried tape (using the hot dog bun method, then taping the head to the top of my rear and taping the shaft to the inside), but that “mummification” process took 10-15 minutes (which is often more time than I have in the morning), the tape never held completely and was moderately painful, for hours (because when the tape came loose, the edges “stabbed” my skin).
    So at the end of the day I’d end up with everything half-tucked and wadded into a ball, which sorta looked like a bigger bulge than it did if I’d done nothing at all.

    So any advice you or anyone else has would be greatly appreciated. :)

  71. admin Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Don’t worry, all your problems are normal! These are the tough problems though, so let me see if I can help.

    It’s possible that your testes are too big to fit back up inside your abdomen. Be happy that you have large fertile reproductive organs, but it certainly will make tucking difficult. I think you are correct that you are just moving your testes under the skin and not getting them back in to your abdomen. Sometimes my girlfriend tries to tuck my balls (she finds it amusing), and gets them under the skin instead. Not nearly as satisfying, and it does leave a significant bulge under panties. Depending on your anatomy, you might be able to play this off as puffy labia. But other than that, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot more to offer. One last ditch effort would be to soak your scrotum in ice water for ~10min. This will shrink everything down and naturally move your testes towards your abdominal opening. It might be easier to find and fit everything inside this way.

    Excess scrotal skin is definitely an issue with panties. Sometimes you may be able to tape this skin down flat. Or if you keep yourself cold (see above) this skin will shrink down and be less obtrusive. Also, this is a prime location for building up fat reserves, which effectively thicken the layer of skin you have down there. I’ve gained maybe 5 pounds since some of those photos, and even that is enough to make the skin difficult to manage. So if you have some extra weight, loosing a few pounds might help you out.

    And I agree, tape is not a long term solution. Even full tucking is not going to last forever. If I get too warm my testes come back down, and then everything is a mess. Keeping some external pressure helps (a gaff, tight pantyhose, something with a wide crotch that applies pressure). But it’s not perfect. If you want to keep your male genitals (and I do recommend it!), these are the issues you have to deal with unfortunately.

  72. Lee Says:

    Hi, I’d just like to say this to admin: Sexual orientation and gender identity has been scientifically proven to be caused by the neuroanatomy of the bed terminallus of the hypothalamus in the brain. So you might THINK there’s no biological cause, but I KNOW that there IS a biological cause. Science fact is what I care about, not opinions based off of no evidence but by a guess that seems right to you. If you were right then gays and transsexuals would be much much more predominant. PS I respect your basic human right to your opinions and free speech, but there is such thing as an erroneous opinion. Some people don’t believe in evolution and global warming, and that’s ok, but their opinions/beliefs are still incorrect. Great tucking article though!!!

  73. Laniee Says:

    Hiee girlies, I’m Laniee and I’ve tried about every possible way with the exception of cutting it off. Believe me … I’ve thought about do that I n my early years. The technique I use and I’m just a tad smaller than average down there is to push my testicles back up inside the inguinal canal then I pull the scrotum skin up and over my yuckie penis then while pinching the skin I then push my yuckie penis back inside me. Once I’ve done that I start pushing the excess scrotum skin back in the same place I pushes my yuckie penis, I can usually push it all in and if it would stay that way I could walk around nude and it looks like a vaginia but unfortunately it will not stay so I use a pair of panties a size or two smaller and pull them on while still holding everything. Once on everything stay neatly in place and I am flat and can even wear a two piece, I can even use the little girls room very easy without disturbing all that is tucked, all I have to do is reach in with one finger and almost like I’m going to finger myself I gentle insert and flip the head a few times and it will pop out and just as easily pushes right back in when finished tinkling. You can use paper medical tape for added security but I’m lucky bc everything stays put. I an dance, gyrate, rub up on others and do splits etc. Absolutely no discomfort, in actuality it make me feel renewed knowing that I’m more correct this way.

    HUGZ and Kizzes
    Love Laniee D JoHansen

  74. Erica Miller Says:

    I am one of the lucky ones. My penis and testicles are so small that I do not bulge. When I wear panties, I look female.

  75. Chris Says:

    Hi guys I’m trying to make a pair of boy panties an I’m having a problem keeping my private parts tucked in can somebody help me plz email me at

  76. SissyTiger Says:

    Another option and or alternative is to use a device called tucknit. It’s relatively cheap and for a mtf or cross dresser you can get things to look very much like a female. No tape no pain and no need to use the inguinal canal. Creating a homemade one is relatively easy the hard part was creating a homemade C-Ring. You can pee without undoing it if you arranged things correctly. Literally wear anything including Lacey stuff. FYI for the gstrap part I used the elastic out of an old pair of boyshorts. Asking with a small carbiner clip. Google tucknit to get an idea of what your creating. Elastic from control top pantyhose may work better and be more comfortable. Once I have a decent looking construction I will post photos somewhere and drop a link here for y’all. BTW if you choose you can still hide your bits I tried it with bits out and with them in works well either way. If your going the tucknit way make sure bits are nice and warm. Cold makes getting the mound look very difficult.

  77. Christina Says:

    Has anyone tried squeezing your shaft back into your body? I find that if I pull the foreskin back up around the head (I am circumcised) and continue working my way up when not erect, I can get the entire shaft to kind of invert back into my body. It doesn’t hurt, but does require a little tape to keep it from coming back out. The testicles still fit in the canals. Peeing doesn’t really work without un-taping, but things look much flatter and are more comfortable than the under tuck.

  78. admin Says:

    Lee – Not sure where you got that I don’t believe in a biological cause for transgenderism or sexual orientation… have you read my About Crossdressing page? I would argue, however, that there are genetic, neurological, and social reasons for transgenderism. And while the hypothalamus has been proven to play a role in gender identity, it is certainly not the sole cause.

    Laniee – That’s a new one for me, but sounds like it should work if you can get your penis far enough inside your abdomen. Personally I can’t pull that off.

    SissyTiger – I hadn’t seen that device! I’m not 100% convinced it would work better than some of the other methods – leaving the testicles out, pulling from the middle of the penis… I’m skeptical. But I will have to give the general approach a try next time I tuck ;)

    Christina – Yes, that works for some gurls. Personally I can’t get enough of my penis in, and it’s semi-uncomfortable for me. Not painful, just feels… strange. And anyway, it’s definitely not flat when I do it!

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