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Crossdressing Makeup Tips – Video

I had completely forgotten that when YouTube shut down my channel, that no one would be able to watch my TGirl Makeup Instructional Video that I posted on here. Thanks to a comment from Becki who wanted to watch the video, I now have it re-posted directly on You won’t be able to stream it any more, but you can download it and view it from your computer at your convenience :)


7min 20sec runtime, 36MB download
Crossdresser Makeup Video


This popular xdressing video details everything you need to know to achieve a beautiful and passable look with your makeup. Of course there are many different styles of makeup, so don’t be afraid to experiment! This video just covers the basics to get you started :)

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  1. Crossdresser Resources » Tgirl Makeup Instructional Video Says:

    [...] down my channel But the good news is that I just reposted the video today – check out my updated post. . Just uploaded, check out my new YouTube video: Makeup for Crossdressers. This instructional [...]

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