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About Me

I am a 28 year old guy living a normal life. I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry, and I work for a Fortune 500 company in the US Midwest doing research. I have two cats, a turtle, and five fish, have a steady girlfriend, and I enjoy crossdressing in my spare time. Here is my story:


First, some quick facts about me :)

  • I have been crossdressing for 20 years.
  • Pantyhose, socks, and shoes are my favorite clothes.
  • I am 5’8″, 135 lbs.
  • I wear about a size 7 (juniors), and a size 9 shoe (womans).
  • My measurements are (approximately) 34D,32,32.
  • My favorite sport is hockey (I play roller-hockey and broomball, about as close as I can get)
  • My favorite drink is single malt scotch. I also love good wine, and really most other drinks as long as they are mid to top shelf :) I hate cheap beer! But a pint of Smithwicks? Mmmm.


I discovered crossdressing quite by accident when I was young. I had recently learned to masturbate by rubbing myself against various cloths – towels, my sheets, etc (also by accident). Instinctively I thought about girls from school that I liked while doing so. I don’t really know why, because I didn’t know how sex worked at the time. Like I said, it was instinct. Of course this got me wondering what it would be like to rub myself against girl clothes. So the next time I had a chance, I rumaged through my mom’s and sister’s closets and drawers until I found something that felt nice. It turns out the softest and most distinctly feminine (ie the fabric does not exist in male clothing) articles I found were pantyhose.


Well eventually I started wondering what else pantyhose were good for, and I tried a pair on. Wow, did that feel nice. I liked it so much I started putting on as many pairs as I could. Whenever I was home alone I would make a list of my favorite pairs and what order I should put them on in, then I would dress up and wear them around until someone came home. One thing lead to another, and I started trying on other clothes of my mom’s and sister’s. Eventually I would wear full outfits, though the pantyhose were always my favorite part. Not to mention they were the easiest thing to hide too!


When I started driving, I made a habit of stopping at K-Mart on the way home and buying a pair of pantyhose from time to time. It was really tough walking in to the store and picking them up. I eventually gathered a fair collection, which I hid in the back of one of my desk drawers.


I also experimented with tampons, which I don’t recommend on any sort of regular basis now that I know better. They can dry you out and make things terribly uncomfortable as well as cause scratches and scrapes than can lead to infections, etc . . . but before I knew better, it seemed to make sense. Anyway, if you try it, just be careful.


At some point, I just couldn’t wait long enough to be home alone, so I’d sneak a pair of pantyhose or two into the bathroom when I’d shower and wear them in the shower. I bet you can’t tell why I now love pantyhose and wearing them in the water in particular . . . Again the pantyhose were amazingly convenient because I could string them up underneath my bed and they would dry pretty quickly.


Of course, nobody hides such a big secret in his parent’s house without getting caught eventually. I was actually caught several times. My parents were not supportive or understanding in the least . . . in fact they tried to put me in therapy for it. Among other things it lead to me leaving my parent’s house and not speaking to them for five years . . . so PLEASE if you know a crossdresser don’t try to put them in therapy :)


I’ll skip ahead to college at this point, as it’s the next significant event in my crossdressing. Interestingly the next time I crossdressed was for a roomate’s sociology project in which I went to Bob Evans in a dress and he recorded peoples’ reactions. While none of my friends at the time knew how much I enjoyed crossdressing, and I certainly did not let on that I was enjoying it, I couldn’t help but get excited when everyone told me I looked better in the dress than the girl whom we borrowed it from. I had a few other experiences like this, such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but nothing of real significance.


The next important development was when I moved in with my then girlfriend (later to become my fiancee, and now my ex). We had a very open sexual relationship, and it was not long before I told her that I enjoyed dressing up in womens’ clothing. She was exceptionally supportive of me, and offered up her entire wardrobe. Then one night, with both of us slightly drunk, she got out the digital camera while I dressed up. It was just play at first, pretending to be a model and photographer. I started changing outfits, doing different “sets”. We ended up spending the entire night taking photos, and by morning I had quite a collection.


I asked if I could post the photos on a Yahoo group, just to see how people reacted to them. I was encouraged when membership took off, and one “fan” started emailing me. Jade Sky (my photographer/ex’s “pen” name) and I started doing regular sets. Each time, I would go a little bit further towards being a girl. I started painting my nails and doing my makeup for sets. After awhile I started shaving my legs, which eventually led to shaving my entire body.


At this point, I suspected that I might have enough of a membership to start a pay site. I I had worn every single outfit that Jade owned, and as a poor college student could not afford to support my “habbit”. For a long time this site barely paid for itself. It was more a labor of love so to speak. New outfits were few and far between, and usually came out of my own pocket when I could afford them. The site certainly did not cover studio equipment (which at this point only consists of a new camera, a poor quality light, and some extra sheets for backdrops). But I have made due with things that were in my budget, and the site has been incredibly rewarding.


I had always intended to create a “resources” section for my site, but it’s been difficult to find time. This area is important to me, however, even if only one person ever finds it useful. I know how hard it was to start crossdressing, and how many times I questioned if what I was doing was right or ok. I was right, and I am ok. I wish someone had told me that earlier.


As for my friends and family, my closest friends all know about the site. My current girlfriend knows about the site and actually participates in it regularly :) The rest of my family? Who knows, but I hope not ;)

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27 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I love your site. I am new to CD and love it :) I’m also in the midwest. If you are looking for other girls to model, let me know!


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Aimee, thanks for the note :) I’m always looking for new models, so if you’re interested leave me a message here: and I will be in touch!

  3. Catskin Says:

    Dear Katie Ann,
    I saw you posted about receiving your femskin. I am a petite build about 5’6″ high with 36″ chest and 29″ waist. I weigh around 135~140lb Do you think the suit will fit me o.k? or will I be swimming in it and it’s gonna bunch-up every time I move?” Would you be so kind as to tell me your experience? Are you a similar size as I am?
    Best wishes,

  4. admin Says:

    Hi catskin. I’m a little taller than you and similar weight. My bet is the femskin will be a little big on you – the tummy may fold a bit, the legs will be a little long, and the hips/ass a bit roomy. That said, I think you could wear it fine, it just might not be the skin tight perfect fit you’re hoping for

  5. John Says:

    I have been a big fan 4 awhile and I have a question. There is this girl in my class, that i like. and I think she might like me 2. Is there a way 2 tell if she likes me? like a sign or something? And is there a way 2 get her attention? please reply?

  6. admin Says:

    Hey John, sent you an email since that’s sort of a personal question ;) Hope I was helpful!


  7. Jessie Says:

    Hiya Katie, new fan :) hehe. I’m curious if you have any advice for first time dressers that are not exactly “feminine” in build. You, know, for the machos that want to get in touch with their inner pretty :)

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Jessie, I’m always happy to have new fans :) If you have a particularly masculine build, you really want to minimize your shoulders and probably accentuate your butt and hips. If you have larger legs you’ll want to minimize those as well, but many fit guys can do quite well showing off some toned legs.

    So to minimize your shoulders, avoid tank tops or strapless tops. Try to find something that fits loosly across the shoulders and through the arms. Same goes for your legs if you’re trying to hide them. You’ll probably want a tight fit through your lower torso and hips though. You can also find padded panties to help – guys usually have smaller butts than girls, and these will help give you some curves.

    The most important advice though is to make yourself happy! :)

  9. Abbii Says:

    Do you do photoshoots of other gurls for non publishing or publishing without full face pics? I am on flickr and urnot.

    Great Site.

  10. admin Says:

    Hey Abbii, just saw your comment and email. I have shot some other gurls, but I’m not doing too much of that any more. I enjoy shooting, but I don’t have much time for it and got tired of models not showing :( Sad but true.

    By the way, I can totally respect a gurl’s interest in privacy, but it’s really a shame to not show your face at least for private photos! Be proud of who you are (even if you keep it to yourself), besides it will make for much better photos :)

  11. Joanna Says:

    I came across your site after watching a video on YouTube about two crossdresses kissing. I must sy, you are hotter than the other. Anyways. I’m a crossdresser too and I wanted to tell you how hot you are and to visit my new page as well.

  12. admin Says:

    Hey Joanna, glad you enjoyed the video and thank you :) You can always find more of my videos at my other website, http://www.TheCrossdresser.COM

    Good luck with the website!

  13. Sheri Brooks Says:

    Love your web page. Do you provide update emails etc?

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks Sheri! Oops, didn’t realize that my RSS feed link had disappeared last time I updated my theme . . . you can subscribe to my feed at

  15. svetlana Says:

    Dang , it’s hard to believe how close your story paralleled mine, especially the hose part. Thanks for your help, it has been most informative!

  16. Brian Says:

    Your story is very similar to mine, except my first girlfriend was so passive, that she pretended to accept my crossdressing, and then ended up dumping me because of it. She was my first girlfriend, and I was around 15 years old (we went a little fast). I knew her since I was 13 years old, and began going out with her at 14 years old. This experience, along with the confusion that naturally occurs in a 15 year old when he sees and hears things he doesn’t completely understand, caused me to try and suppress my CD urges, and partake in other, riskier behaviors instead. I did this for about year, and then I had a strange, cross-dressing dream, followed by a series of dreams about my ex (strangely, these dreams occured on the days leading up to that break up, and seemed to symbolically correspond with the events leading up to the break up). When I woke up I knew I wasn’t being honest with my self. I went through a period of hating this side of myself myself, and I was seeing a therapist who didn’t completely understand crossdressing, but he was a GREAT therapist-he listened to what I was saying and was open-minded. I think it’s a little unfair to say that all therapists don’t work, because there are some pretty good ones. The one who helped me out of this hole of self-loathing was the person who ran an Aspergers social group I attend. I have Aspergers Syndrome. It turns out that this person said that a lot of other people he works with tend to cross dress. It’s an interesting and comforting fact that a lot of my autistic peers also are not disposed to conform to the gender roles assigned to them by society. He had my parents come over to a meeting and explained to them that this is something I NEED to do, and so I now have a debit card (I’m 17 now). I haven’t bought anything yet but for the first time, my crossdressing is a mole-hill, not a mountain. I’m interested to see if high functioning autistic people really tend to crossdress, so it might be cool to see what other therapists managing austistic people say about that subject.

  17. admin Says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you have a therapist who knows how to help, and that you’re learning to accept this side of yourself :) I’ve never heard that crossdressing is prevalent among autistic people, but I can at least imagine why that would make sense. Best of luck with your self exploration, and I would be quite interested to hear if you learn anything more about this!

  18. Becki Says:

    I LOVE your site. The videos are excellent quality and very informative. (I especially liked the one on tucking.) Wish the vid on “lipstick” was still there. I wear lipstick every day and, most of the time, no one notices as the shade is nearly the same as my natural skin color. I just love the feeling as I apply it and get a rush every time I do.

  19. admin Says:

    Hey Becki, thanks for the comments! I completely forgot that the makeup video won’t work any more after YouTube shut down my account :( I’ll try to get that re-posted here soon!

  20. Only one Says:

    Hi I love your site, I am spanish (sorry for my bad English), I am crossdress, (I think it, these isn´t safe even), I also have my crossdressing hobbies in secret and I also keep the less clothes in the bottom of the drawer. I hope that my secret were secret to I can leave in the parents house.I hope knowing someone with the same tastes in the future and I can speak without hiding. Thank you for your good site and your site helped me a lot and it´s one of my favorite site. Kiss.

  21. greg Says:

    Hi I love you and your wonderfull site ,have seen many others but always love yours.


  22. Charleen Says:

    I too thank you for this site as its the best complete site on cross dressing I have come across and I have enjoyed all aspects of it. I find it very helpful and full of good information. I hope to become a member of your other site soon and looking forward to seeing more of you….you are lovely and sexy. Hugs, Charleen

  23. admin Says:

    Aw, thanks Charleen! Makes me feel good to know that people actually find the information useful :)

  24. Jeff Says:

    Hi Katie Ann…
    I can relate to your story to a large degree. I’ve been interested in pantyhose since I was about 3 or 4. I’d sneak into my moms pantyhose drawer and put a pair on then run around the house because I loved the sensation. As I entered puberty, I wore for my friends as we experimented with pleasuring ourselves. I found myself mildly interested in fellatio for one friend, but still mainly into girls. As I grew older my first sexual girlfriend had me wear her ripped pantyhose during sex which was a total thrill, and as I entered my 20′s I began seeking out hookups with crossdressers or masculine gay guys who would dig me wearing pantyhose (all the while in fulfilling heterosexual relationships). I’m tall and masculine and I’ve never tried to pass, instead going for a “studly guy in pantyhose” look, but I can really get into playing the femme role for the right audience. Anyway, I really love your website and your pictures drive me into fits of hot and heavy mastrubation. I’m in a hetero relationship and truly do love women, as it seems you do too, but I wish I had found someone more like one of your girlfriends who understand that you’re in touch with your feminine side. I’d give anything to be able to release those urges when they arise rather than hide my passion in the closet. My deepest regard for you living your life your way and looking so beautiful doing it! Thank you.

  25. admin Says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing your story! I’m glad you like the website, hopefully it lets you live out some of your fantasies through me :) And who knows, maybe someday you’ll find a girl who understands (or at least convince your current girl to let you wear pantyhose).

  26. Lexi Ryedale Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled across your site! (Via a link from FetLife) So much to read, watch and take in: I’m going to be busy for quite some time… :)


  27. bizarresuzanne Says:

    Loved the “about me” info/story. I was raised in a family with 17 aunts, three of which taught me to dress with them, ALL were afraid of men…their drunken father tried to kill them more than once in his alcoholic rages. I’ve been married twice (both deceased) but only the second was into any of it. Now I’m seeking again…in spite of age.

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