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Breasts – A How To Guide, Part 1 (stuffing)

I know, I’ve seen all the beautiful silicone breastforms out there too. And I’ve seen the brazillian shemale porn models with their oversized perky tits bouncing up and down. And I’ve heard every girl I’ve ever met complain about how her boobs just aren’t big enough. So why wouldn’t you want to go out and buy the biggest, most expensive fake boobs that you can afford?


First, let’s just get this out of the way. Breastforms are EXPENSIVE! And they’re a terrible investment, they depreciate instantly (ie good luck with that return policy . . .) They are also fragile, and just like real breasts, they start to sag over time. Don’t get me wrong, I own 2 pair of silicone forms, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into first.


Ok, second point, most CD’s buy the wrong size breasts. Just like 80% of women in the US buy the wrong size bra I suppose . . . Not to worry though, with the right information you too can buy the right size breasts :) I will skip over the information on what the sizes and shapes of breastforms mean in this article, as I’ve already discussed that in the clothes page. Why did it end up with clothes? I have no idea, but go to the “Bras / Panties / Breastforms” section if you need some basic info.


I think a good place to start with breasts is the simplest and cheapest method. We’ll work our way up to more complex stuff. The easiest way to make breasts for yourself, plain and simple, is by stuffing a bra with socks, tissues, etc. And yes, I’m serious. This doesn’t just apply to 13 year old girls in movies and TV shows about the pressures of being an adolescent. It might take a little practice, and you will have to settle for small breasts, and you will need an appropriate bra, but considering the economics, stuffing is a very good starting place.


Ok, small bra means A or B cup, and you should look for one with as much padding as you can find. Not only does the padding help fill you out a little, it also hides the inherent unevenness of your stuffing. If you’re a little larger and have a bit of breast tissue anyway, go with the B cup. If you have a flat chest you will get better results with the A cup. Don’t be discouraged. The key is to LOOK good, not to show off the size of your bra. They don’t really make “full coverage” bras in these small sizes, though that would be ideal. But definitely avoid anything like a demi bra or shelf bra – you want something with the largest/fullest cups you can find in the right size. If you need more info on bra types, head back to the clothing page.


Now that you’ve found yourself a bra, time to start stuffing. You will obviously have to be wearing the bra at this point, which means you will have to re-do your stuffing each time you dress. So find a method that works, and remember how many sheets of TP you used, or which pair of socks you used, etc. Also, since balled up socks or TP aren’t terrbily soft, you may want to put on a tight-fitting cami or t-shirt UNDER your bra. Or put a sports bra or another small-cup bra underneath.


I personally find that a pair of socks works the best for stuffing. In fact, I have a particular pair that I always use – they are ankle length, but are fairly fluffy and soft. I make 2 folds/rolls in each sock, rolling from the toe to the heel. At the heel, since the sock bends in a ~45deg angle, I make another 2 folds/rolls at a ~45deg angle to the original folds. This results in a more or less triangular shape, which I tuck neatly into my bra. Keeping the loose end against your skin will prevent the sock from unraveling during wear. And that’s all there is to it. For a little extra padding, you can always tuck cookies (again, see the clothing section for more info, scroll down a little when you get there) into the bra (between the sock and the bra), which like the padding of the bra itself, will help fill out out in the right areas and smooth out the outline of the sock. Take a look at the pics below for an example.

Folding Socks to Stuff your Bra

Folding Socks to Stuff your Bra

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9 Responses to “Breasts – A How To Guide, Part 1 (stuffing)”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    I love using water filled balloons! I have to wear two or three bras, but works great! Looks, feels, bounces, squeezes like theyre real! I think the weight too feels authentic.

  2. admin Says:

    Water balloons are great for realism as long as you’re not doing anything that might pop them!

  3. Jetta Says:

    You can use actual balloons. they don’t pop as much.

  4. Crossdresser Resources » Create Cleavage Video Tutorial Says:

    [...] don’t need to reveal some cleavage, you might be more interested in my breastform tutorials: stuffing, sewing, homemade breastforms, and silicone breast [...]

  5. bobbie Says:

    i a crossdresser i love to grow big breast like a female what can i do and how can help me

  6. admin Says:

    Hey Bobbie, growing breasts is way different from stuffing . . . the only proven method is to take female hormones, but of course that comes with other side effects (like shrinking your penis and testicles, decreasing your sex drive, etc). And even hormones won’t grow big breasts, the only way to get big ones is with implants.

  7. Lexi Says:

    What I used to do was take an unused child’s diaper, and submerge it in water until it was soaked completely. Then I’d cut it open and scoop out all the super absorbant polymer (which by then would be a thick goop), put it in a bowl, and add some more water until I got a good consistency. Then, using a water gun (the type that’s just a plunger that you pull and push back and forth) I’d fill a regular party balloon with the goop until it got to a reasonable size. Tie it off, and it makes a pretty good facsimile with a more realistic bounce and density than just plain old water.

  8. admin Says:

    Wow Lexi, that’s a great idea! I’ll have to give that a try using diaper absorbant as a breastform filler :) No more risk of leaks that way either!

  9. "Marie" Says:

    Hi Admin,
    I use “rolled oats” in a freezer bag, inside pantyhose, as my bra filler.
    Get a freezer bag, get some “dry” rolled oats, count how many spoonfuls you put in each bag to fill the cup of your bra. Holding the bag at the top, slide the other hand down to get the oats in one corner of the bag. Ensure all air has been squeezed out. Twist and tie off. Get a pair of pantyhose, cut the legs off, Place a bag of your “bra filler/stuffer”in the toe of each leg, twist and pull back through. Then tie off. Pantyhose will give a smoother look. For larger cup size add extra rolled oats to give volume. Or you can use rice.

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